Pierre Thomas GENEVE
Pierre Thomas - Copyright 2010
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Unique modelNext exhibitions: Paris "Belles Montres" from November 21st to 23rd, 2014 Bâle "Baselworld 2015" from March 19st to 26rd, 2015 Private exhibition "WAG", to the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Messeplatz 12, 30rd floor Hong-Kong "Salon TE HKTDC" Swiss Stand "SIWP" 3rd floor, from September 8st to 13rd, 2015 Opening New shop " Boutique GlobalLuxury" 29th & 30th of September 2016 24 Boulevard Georges Favon 1204 Geneva
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Historical movement from 1870 to 1930 "Manufacturé 100 % en Suisse"
Geneva - Zurich - Interlaken - Cannes - Monaco - Los Angeles

Pierre Thomas GENEVE